Friday, June 8, 2012

praying through the day.

Prayer changes everything. Prayer reveals and uncovers, it unbinds the heart that is filled with worrym fear, anxiety. Prayer can really change the outcome of a situation. Even if it may not go as planned, when it is bathed in prayer, the situation will soon be overcome with peace. I am learning, day by day, that I must walk through the day, praying through my day and talking to my sweet Savior. As I look around at my life, as long as I am daily walking in the Lord's presence, there will never be anything that can bring me stress, worry, fear, insecurity, anxiety. Lord Jesus, The peace you give dies much more than simply calm my restless wondering heart. Your peace has the power of reconciling. You enemies friends. You humble stubborn people, you soften heard poeple. You make angry peopple gentle. Lord, you are so good.

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