Monday, May 31, 2010

America, the beautiful

"We must always remember that America is a great nation today not because of what government did for people but because of what people did for themselves and for one another." -- Ronald Reagan

Happy Memorial Day! As this day comes to a close, I cannot express my gratitude for the men and women who sacrifice everything for our country. I am at a loss for words for them and how they gave up everything for the cost of others, not themselves. It comes back to how the Lord gave his life for us. They, unlike Jesus, did not even know us or anyone they were sacrificing for, but they knew it would be worth it for liberty, justice, and freedom.

Today, we got together with all of the Riley family. We have three men in our family who served. Although my grandfather was the only one present, I will go in depth to all of their positions and responsibilities.

My grandfather, Mack Riley, is my hero. He is 87 and not a day over 40. I cannot explain his way of life, but I can tell you that I believe he does everything right. And not that he is perfect, but he is a southern gentlemen who knows everything, about everything, literally. I look up to him so much, not only in this faith, but in his attributes. My grandfather enlisted in the Navy right after graduation. He was sent to Chicago to learn about radio technology and sent secret messages during World War II. There, he met and fell in love with my grandmother, Betty Fischer. As he tells it, she was wearing a red coat (one of the many reasons I love the color red) and he said there was something special about her. He tells us that she did not like him and had no intentions of giving him a chance. He had to pursue her, and soon enough they fell in love. This was all before the war, after training of the radio technology, he came back to Auburn University where he and grew. I believe they were married when they came back to Auburn. After Auburn, World War II begin he was enlisted to serve by teaching the young pilots how to transmit radio signals to fighter jets. His job in the war was very important because alot of the war was fought in the air, by aircraft. I am thankful for his sacrifice.

My Uncle Ken is another family member that has been so involved with the military and has served many years of service. Him and my Aunt Pat met while at Auburn, both involved in the sorority and fraternities scenes, they both fell in love while at Auburn and have since blossomed to serve. My Uncle Ken graduated Auburn and went to enlist in the army. The army told him they would pay for him to go to med school, and from there, his accomplishments are too many to describe. Some of the biggest involvement in the wars has been his service through being a military doctor. They have moved over 22 times and have four boys. What a awesome family! They are so great, but my uncle has sacrificed so much for the sake of our country. His most recent position that had a huge impact on us and America was his position at Walter Reed Army Hospital. He was the commanding general there and two-star general. He worked side by side with Condy Rice and President Bush. He worked with many families who had lost family members or had injured family members in Iraq. He and his colleagues formed a program for men and women who were amputees from the war. This program in still in use there at Walter Reed. Uncle Ken is now in Phoenix, Arizona, where he is a commander of a army hospital there. He is truly a man of commendable service. I am so thankful for him.

My cousin, Tim, who is Ken's son, served two years in Iraq on active duty. He loves the Lord and served Him and our country while he was over seas. He is back now ans I commend him for his service.

What a wonderful honor to have them in my family. I am so blessed! Happy Memorial Day and always remember that freedom is America and America is free because of these kinds of men and women.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

25 Things

Hope everyone is doing great and having a wonderful Sunday! :) My second post will hopefully bring joy and information about myself.

1. I love Jesus with ALL my heart. Without Him, I would be nothing. He has blessed me in so many ways! He gives and takes away, and is Mighty to save. :)

2. I am also blessed to have a wonderful family and fabulous friends!

3. I love fruit!

4. I LOVE to run.

5. I love Anthropologie and vintage wear. I love antiques and history!

6. I am go to Auburn University.

7. Pecan Pie is my weakness.

8. I absolutely love meeting new people.

9. John Mayer, Michael Buble, and Frank Sinatra are my favorites!

10. Vera Bradley, Long Champ, and wedge heels are amazing.

11. I love fashion. I have an obsession with clothes and style in general. I love that someone can express themselves by what they wear.

12. I collect Instyle Magazines...I have every issue from January 2006!

13. I love anything pink or embroidered!

14. SUMMER is my season! :)

15. I would rather write twenty English papers than do twenty math problems.

16. I love pictures-black and white especially.

17. My grandfather is my hero!

18. I love anything by Nicholas Sparks and Redeeming Love.

19. I am majoring in Mass Communications and major market Television Broadcasting!I am so excited about what the future has to hold! :) God has great plans! I am interning for Rick and Bubba this summer and it has been a wonderful experience thus far.

20. I want a Lab or Golden Retriever.

21. My mom decorates the White House for Christmas...or did...haha! :)

22. I LOVE dresses, pearls, and my Rainbow flips flops.

23. I love the Holidays-Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.

24. "A girl should be two things, Classy and fabulous."

25. I would love 4 or 5 kids, but the Lord has a plan! And sometimes it can be much different than mine, that is just an idea though :)


If you live each day as if it were your last, then when your last day arrives you will have no regrets. Your life will have been a masterpiece; you will have lived life the best way it can be lived - one moment at a time with grace and appreciation. Richard Carlson

"The Lord directs the steps of the godly. He delights in every detail of their lives. Though they stumble, they will never fall, for the Lord holds them by the hand." Psalm 37:23

Hello!!! I fell into the blog world. I am here to encourage, advise, and hopefully make a difference by the words of my mouth. I am so excited to be connected in this way! I am looking forward to keeping up with everyone and letting everyone experience the seasons of my life. To God be all the Glory!