Tuesday, June 22, 2010

"Everywhere I go, I know You're not far away"

All the world is watching
All the world does care
Even when the world weighs on my shoulder now,
These feelings I can bare
Because I know,
That you're here,

Everywhere I go,
I know you're not far away,
You're right here
You're right here, yeah

All these thoughts I've wasted,
All these thoughts I fear,
Even when these thoughts have faded,
I still know that you're here,
So I can rest my hope in You

Many of times that I have felt alone,
Many of times that I have felt the world was crashing down upon me,
You always stood here by my side,
You were always there.

Everywhere I go,
I know you're not far away,
You're right here
You're right here, yeah

This song is by Jeremy Camp and its called Right Here..

this is such an awesome song for anyone struggling. The lyrics are a blessing in each word. Lean on Him, ALWAYS!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

"And if our God is for us, than who could ever stop us?"

Happy Father's Day!

I am so blessed to have a wonderful earthly father, but also a heavenly father. Both are so important to me. One teaches me and helps me through the daily life on earth. Where as God, my heavenly father breathed life into me. His love is all consuming, all powerful. My earthly father has thankfully been a great example for me. He is great worker, loves our family, and would do anything for anyone. He has taught me so much about life in general. I am truly blessed!

As the title of the blog contains the lyric to one of my favorite worship songs. "And if our God is for us, than who could ever stop us?" I love this verse. I have so many hopes, dreams, aspirations, and I am constantly hoping to be in God's will for my life. I dream to be a national news broadcaster one day, and as of right now, I feel that is where the Lord wants me to be as well. But I am praying that if I get into that position, He will be able to use me for His glory alone, not mine. I pray that He will lead me and show where I need to be and who I need to be for Him. I am loving how this verse can be such an encouragement as well. No one will EVER be able to defeat us as Christians, we have victory in the Lord forever!

This blog is full of random subjects! I have not been able to write lately because life has been so busy. I got a new address and I am going to try to become more organized with life in general. Whether be with clothes, keeping up with people, etc.

Life is good, enjoying the summer!

Also, tonight my dad was playing a video on the computer with the AU fight song being sung at a Veterinarian alumni dinner. It gave me chills! ahhh!

Thursday, June 10, 2010


"Cheerfulness brings sunshine to the soul and drives away the shadows of anxiety. To be cheerful under all circumstances is to radiate faith. It is an expression of hope and a attitude of joyful expectancy...It is to know that God holds all things in His control and that He neither slumbers nor sleeps. *Hannah Smith

Good Evening!

I am so excited to be blogging tonight. I have had NO time at all this week, work has been crazy! But, I am still loving it. Everything is going great! I am having a blast at the show. Today was an interesting day, Rick was there and Bubba is in a tennis tournament. Adler is the video tech guy and it was a talk about his dating life. It was hilarious! The main topic was so good to hear it actually said by someone. The dating techniques have changed so much since my parents and grandparents dated and courting. Guys tend to be more timid in the pursuit for the girl they like. I would give my thoughts about this topic, but I could write a book so I will just refrain to a few words, that being that guys need to pursue. It is as easy as that, the dating fundamentals are still the same. And I am very old fashion.

Everything else is going well! I am living the laid back life here. Running, working, laying out, and somewhat doing alot of random things. But summer is going well! I am going to see Jennifer Ivey for her birthday this weekend in Huntsville! I am so excited! That is all I have tonight :)

Peace. Love. Happiness.



Thursday, June 3, 2010

Living the summer life

As the summer rolls in, everyone gets attitude of being carefree. The weather is great, the flowers are flourishing, and there is happiness in the sky and it beams on people. I love the summer. Summer brings feels of warm summer tans, cute fashion, and lovely memories. My summer is a bittersweet thing for me. I am actually working and learning the way of adulthood. :) Its been great fun! I love the feeling!

I am interning with Rick and Bubba for the summer and what an opportunity it has been. I am learning so much from Rick, Bubba, Speedy, Helmsey, and the whole team. They are teaching me so much about the broadcasting field. I am so thanful for this because before coming this, I was still unsure of how the Lord wanted to use me in broadcasting because it is such a cut throat industry. I know now that this is where the Lord wants me to be. You can be such a witness when you are in the position of being infront of television or radio. I want to give all the glory to the Lord. All of the guys are so great! For those that listen, my nickname is Noodle :)

I hope I will have more time later tonight to write more :)