Thursday, June 10, 2010


"Cheerfulness brings sunshine to the soul and drives away the shadows of anxiety. To be cheerful under all circumstances is to radiate faith. It is an expression of hope and a attitude of joyful expectancy...It is to know that God holds all things in His control and that He neither slumbers nor sleeps. *Hannah Smith

Good Evening!

I am so excited to be blogging tonight. I have had NO time at all this week, work has been crazy! But, I am still loving it. Everything is going great! I am having a blast at the show. Today was an interesting day, Rick was there and Bubba is in a tennis tournament. Adler is the video tech guy and it was a talk about his dating life. It was hilarious! The main topic was so good to hear it actually said by someone. The dating techniques have changed so much since my parents and grandparents dated and courting. Guys tend to be more timid in the pursuit for the girl they like. I would give my thoughts about this topic, but I could write a book so I will just refrain to a few words, that being that guys need to pursue. It is as easy as that, the dating fundamentals are still the same. And I am very old fashion.

Everything else is going well! I am living the laid back life here. Running, working, laying out, and somewhat doing alot of random things. But summer is going well! I am going to see Jennifer Ivey for her birthday this weekend in Huntsville! I am so excited! That is all I have tonight :)

Peace. Love. Happiness.



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  1. amen on the pursuit! what happened to that? if anything, i would think it would make me like a boy MORE if he pursued me. (not like im available but..) it would be nice to be picked up for a date, plans already made! we girls have to pick the place, say what time, call him back first.. it's exhausting!