Sunday, May 30, 2010

25 Things

Hope everyone is doing great and having a wonderful Sunday! :) My second post will hopefully bring joy and information about myself.

1. I love Jesus with ALL my heart. Without Him, I would be nothing. He has blessed me in so many ways! He gives and takes away, and is Mighty to save. :)

2. I am also blessed to have a wonderful family and fabulous friends!

3. I love fruit!

4. I LOVE to run.

5. I love Anthropologie and vintage wear. I love antiques and history!

6. I am go to Auburn University.

7. Pecan Pie is my weakness.

8. I absolutely love meeting new people.

9. John Mayer, Michael Buble, and Frank Sinatra are my favorites!

10. Vera Bradley, Long Champ, and wedge heels are amazing.

11. I love fashion. I have an obsession with clothes and style in general. I love that someone can express themselves by what they wear.

12. I collect Instyle Magazines...I have every issue from January 2006!

13. I love anything pink or embroidered!

14. SUMMER is my season! :)

15. I would rather write twenty English papers than do twenty math problems.

16. I love pictures-black and white especially.

17. My grandfather is my hero!

18. I love anything by Nicholas Sparks and Redeeming Love.

19. I am majoring in Mass Communications and major market Television Broadcasting!I am so excited about what the future has to hold! :) God has great plans! I am interning for Rick and Bubba this summer and it has been a wonderful experience thus far.

20. I want a Lab or Golden Retriever.

21. My mom decorates the White House for Christmas...or did...haha! :)

22. I LOVE dresses, pearls, and my Rainbow flips flops.

23. I love the Holidays-Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.

24. "A girl should be two things, Classy and fabulous."

25. I would love 4 or 5 kids, but the Lord has a plan! And sometimes it can be much different than mine, that is just an idea though :)


If you live each day as if it were your last, then when your last day arrives you will have no regrets. Your life will have been a masterpiece; you will have lived life the best way it can be lived - one moment at a time with grace and appreciation. Richard Carlson

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