Wednesday, December 15, 2010

"I said remember this moment, We were the Kings and the Queens"

Being home for the holidays has been such a blessing, but it is also bittersweet because of the realization that I am getting older and people are growing up. Taylor Swift's new song, Long Live, is such a good song and it reminds me soooo much of my high school days.

My senior year was so much fun and such a blessing from the Lord. Its one of those things where you are caught in the middle of being where you belong, you long to be an adult, but also still be young and innocent.

When I was in 5th grade, I remember coming to the high school football games, the one in particular I remember was Homecoming. As vivid as my memory can be, I remember a girl winning Homecoming Queen and me looking at my mom and saying, "Mom, I want to be the Homecoming Queen one day! How can I do that?" My mom replied, "Well, first off it has to be a desire of your heart and the Lord will bless you if that is His will for you." Being a 5th grader, that was huge answer. But I after that night I always had it in my heart and the back of my mind. But there was one problem...

During the elementary years, all the Riley kids were home schooled, yes, that is correct, home schooled! We loved it, every second of it. But the problem was about to be solved because we only would home school until 5th grade. All of us went to school for 6th grade, that being the start of middle school. That is the most intimidating thing I think I will ever do to this day, going into middle school I knew three girls, Lauren Middleton and Lauren Calvert and the one and only Jamie Busby. Walking into a cafeteria full of peers I had no Idea was so scary, but I thrived in it! I remember talking to almost every person in my class that day because I was so proud that I was actually "in a school setting."

Middle school and high school were the most wonderful and exciting years full of useless drama and things that seemed important then, but looking back were so petty. I am here to say that a little girl from a homeschooling background can, if its the way the Lord wants to use you, can be crowned Homecoming Queen.

It was a dream come true, and I am so so so honored to still known as that title. In high school though, my main goal was to love the Lord and love people. And I believe that is why He wanted me to shine His light through that position. I wanted to at least share the message that you do not have to be the normal stereotypical Homecoming Queen, that you can be well liked for who you are, not for what you are in the status quota in high school.

The Lord has used me in that position and I hope that His light was shown through me during my high school years. I am giving all the glory to Him because without Him, I would have not been in the position.

The Lord listens to your hopes and dreams, trust me :) He will bless you above and beyond what you wish for!

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