Sunday, March 6, 2011

Psalm 119:1-8

"Blessed are they whose ways are blameless, who walk according to the law of the Lord.

Blessed are they who keep his statutes and seek him with all their heart.

They do nothing wrong; they walk in his ways.

You have laid down precepts that are to be fully obeyed.

Oh, that my ways were steadfast in obeying your decrees!

Then I would not be put to shame when I consider all your commands.

I will praise you with an upright heart as I learn your righteous laws.

I will obey your decrees; do not utterly forsake me."

Psalm 119:1-8

I have been reading through the book of Psalm and I love it. I do not want it to end, its one of my favorite books. David has so much insight on his failures and how God lifted him fro those. I have been trying to rad at least ten chapters of Psalm a day. I got to the book of Psalm 119 and really had to survey it. IT IS AMAZING. I wrote in my bible when I was in high school that "this is my life chapter" in the margin. How great is that? It really is such a great group of verses that can be applyed to mine and your life.

These first eight verses show us that if we are blameless through the Lord, we will walk in the law of the Lord forever. We are not born blameless though, we are made into His image when we ask to be forgiven and then saved. What a realization. We are His, the Lord's, we are blameless through Him.

Please be in prayer for my best friend Lauren's mom! She is on the left in this picture. We found out last week that she has breaast cancer. I hate to even type that, its so unreal. But we are ready to fight with her. She will have surgery on Wednesday, so please remember her and the whole Calvert family in your prayers. Mrs. Tammy is one of the strongest people I know, the Lord will use her through this.

"My soul is weary with sorrow; strengthen me according to your word." Psalm 119:28

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