Monday, May 9, 2011

You only have one chance

Time. It really does go so much faster as you grow older; and although I would like to think I will be this age forever, I am slowly but surely coming to realize that I will not. Today, my sister graduated from the school of nursing at Auburn University. Even though I am EXTREMELY excited and proud for her, there is a bit of sadness that is apart of graduating, especially from college. It marks the end of young milestones, like kindergarden, elementary school, middle school, high school, etc. Which is so true.

It was a great time though! My immediate and extended family was able to come in so that was exciting. It was such a wonderful experience to see all of the families that came out to support their graduates. It is so awesome to see how much parents can really play a huge part in the success of future plans. They are so supporting and I am SO incredibly thankful for such a wonderful family. I am so grateful! I am so sorry I am such a terrible blogger, but since its summer, I will be posting more! :)

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