Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Love Letters Pt. 1

A lady who I look up to so much in her walk gave me these letters that she had taught to her Sunday school class. There are three letters, but I will spread them out because each one is so amazing and needs to be taken in as you read it. Enjoy and imagine this as a love letter from the Lord...

Precious One,

Sweet girl! Always look at my face. I am always looking at yours. Toy are never alone. I've said I'll never leave you nor forsake you. Even in the night hours I watch over you and send my mighty angels to cover you. I give you sweet sleep. Believe in ME!

Lean on me. As a lover leans on the one she loves, lean on me. You are my precious Bride. I love it when you lean. When opposition comes, lean in close and keep your eyes on me. I know EVERYTHING. I know your desired. I know your heart and I care about everything you care about. I want the best for you, not just the good.

Remember when you lean you are leaning on your lover and the creator of the whole universe. I have greater power than you can imagine. NOTHING is too hard for me so ask. I will always answer you. I will give you my plans. I will give you my joy, my strength, my peace.

Lean in close and give me your heartaches, burdens and hurts. I can handle it. Believe me!

I love you, your lover, your friend, and redeemer,

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