Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Love Letters Pt. 2

My Beloved,

Come and sit with me and hold my hand and tell me all thats on your mind and in your heart. You know I 'm always waiting for you. There's no one else like you. There's no one with your smile, your face, your eyes, your specialness. I made you, you know, just the way I wanted you. I custom designed you for today, at this very hour and time to be with me. I am very near and I need you.
Your slightest breath touches me, I'm so close to you, my breath touches you. My ears are turned to you, just like a mother can hear the smallest whimper of her baby, my ears are more tuned than that. If you can't call, just whisper.
Walk with me. If you feel like you can't even take a step or don't know how, lean on me, and I'll guide you. Nothing is too hard foe me. Nothing! I know everything about you and I like everything about you. Oh, some things you have done, said, or thought aren't pleasant to me. But nothing shocks me or surprises me. All you life I've known you. Walking or sleeping, I love you. Just come to me and lay down all the stuff that bothers you. I'm bug! I can take it so you'll never be bothered by it again. Trust me, I made all of heaven and earth and everything in it. I can be trusted, I make things excellent!
Dance with me. When you are weary, dance with me. When you are confused and lonely, dance with me. Do you think I'd ever leave you? I said in my love letter to you...I'll never leave you. Please believe me. Come let's dance and sing, because joy is your strength. I want you to be free. I have set you free, but in the world heaviness has tried to come and steal your freedom, your joy, your peace. I gave all that to you. Will you take it? Receive it everyday. Let's dance!

I will always hold you in my arms, I will uphold you in my right hand,

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