Wednesday, June 29, 2011

great devotional.

Todays posting is by Bonnie Jensen. She is a senior writer for DaySpring. I hope her devotional will be a blessing and an ecouragement to you.

God is in ordinary life. He meets us here with extraordinary grace.

I want to see God. I need to see Him. I’ve seen Him in pink and orange sunsets and foamy, crashing waves. But a long time ago, I asked Him for something more personal: a just-for-me glimpse of His omnipresence in my life. He, more than anyone else, understands what we love and appreciate as unique souls in this world. He wired us, put us together with specific passions, and designed us for divine purposes.

I love the Eastern Bluebird, so for me, this vibrantly colored feathered friend became my ‘glimpse’—

a smile, an assurance, a sweet reminder that our extraordinary God breathes life into the ordinary, sometimes difficult days. But they are an elusive, if not impossible sight in the urban setting I now call home. Circumstances have brought me to a place where bluebirds don’t settle, and rarely, if ever, visit.

In really tough times, many days can feel void of God’s presence. We can be ‘forgetful’ of the subtle yet very personal gifts and glimpses God has given us in the past. And it was a cold day, with winter on the ground, when I found myself guilty of forgetting…the bluebird flitting in front of my car, seemingly out of nowhere (God is thinking of me)…the bluebird on a fence post, his colors blurred through tear-filled eyes (God is here). But God decided in His beautiful and overwhelming grace to send a reminder. Outside my office window, on the branch of a barren tree, I saw blue. I stood up, still not believing. That’s when I spotted another bluebird in the brush behind the tree—and nearby, four more.

This is our God. Not a single bluebird, but six. In the middle of winter came an impossible gift from a personal God…and He multiplied it by the pain of the season I was in. Through tears mixed with humility and joy, I knew what God was saying—this is the measure of things to come. I am with you, close to your broken heart, in touch with your shattered soul.

You are never alone. You are never ignored. God is paying close attention to everything that concerns you…the sad, the happy, and every moment in between. Today there are glimpses of His love sent just for you—and I hope you see every one of them.

Bonnie Jensen

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