Monday, February 28, 2011

Day after day, Your love remains

"You are God with us and You are strong and mighty to save."

How powerful is this? As I look back on certain situations in my life, I know that the Lord has certainly been in control. I am amazed to look back and think about how He plans everything. It is sometimes scary to think about how He literally has EVERYTHING in His hands, how comforting!

When coming to college, it is really the only thing you can do is lean on the Lord for His guidance in making friends, picking the right major, and where I was going to live. I was thinking the other day how he literally had everything planned out for the betterment of myself. He knew what friends I needed, He knew where I needed to live, He knew what classes I would be in, who I would come in contact with, etc. I am so blessed to say that I can stand here today, almost TWO years later saying, God is so good. How can I praise Him? how can I see him with my life? How can I give back to what He has given me?

He has given me such wonderful friends who are seeking Him as well, He has given me a major that is my passion, He has placed so many opportunities in my life that I am so blessed to experience. I am so thankful, thankful to the Lord, for He will never fail us. I want to lift my hand and spin around, see the light that is shining, it truly is a marvelous light.

Thank you Lord!

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