Wednesday, February 16, 2011

To have and to hold...

Tonight, the Church of the Highlands had the last sermon series of a series called "DTR" or Define the Relationship. IT WAS SO GOOD!

Tonight was about marriage and it was such a insightful message. Pastor Wren and his wife Sherri and then Coach Grimes and his wife talked and answered questions about life and marriage.

Here are some of the things Wren talked about:

1. Divorce should never be an option.
2. Love is a choice.
3. Mess + Mess= Whole mess.
4. Do not look for the right person, but the right kind of person.
5. Communication is key.

Don't spend all your time trying to find the perfect mate, strive to be the perfect mate for your spouse.

This book is suppose to be really good, I am going to try to read it :)

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